What's the first thing you'd do if you won lotto? This was a fun one to work on, including actually embroidering all  the text and Point of Sale elements.
Whether it's on the work site, preparing to study, catching up with friends or a late night in the office – the thing most people tend to say is "Coffee Me". For me, it's getting out of bed. 
This project was a collaboration with the talented illustrator Codi Ash as part of the rebrand for the coffee section at AMPM service stations. I have included the cup artwork to show her illustrations in more detail. Makes you just want to turn the cup around to follow the story...
Ah, good old forced perspective. 
Had people standing in front of toilet posters in service stations just staring. Try it. It works. 
Still can't believe I was able to get 'The Amazing Tosser' in as a headline...
A fun one for The World Cup. The whistle actually worked once constructed. And lots of paper soccer balls were flying around the office when making this one. 
Wine label (concept only).
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