What's the first thing you'd do if you won lotto? This was a fun one to work on, including actually embroidering all  the text and Point of Sale elements.
Wine label (concept only).
Ah, good old forced perspective. 
Still can't believe I was able to get 'The Amazing Tosser' in as a headline...
One of the most complicated folding systems I've done i think. Oh and a website. Everyone wants to see if you've art directed a website....
Had people standing in front of toilet posters in service stations just staring. Try it. It works. 
A fun one for The World Cup. The whistle actually worked once constructed. And lots of paper soccer balls were flying around the office when making this one. 
I was laughed at by AM when I presented the concept of putting bugs into a bus shelter so they could eat away at the poster. Then someone else did it about a year later...
Oh well. Let's put holes in a billboard instead! 
A few small but fun 'Back to School' social media posts for Fantastic Noodles. 
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