CFS 2017: I had what I believed to be a solid concept but I was having trouble selling in the idea. So over a weekend I went up to the Adelaide Hills and shot on my phone some locations that I knew where on fire during Ash Wednesday 35 years earlier. I then cut it together to create a rough animatic.
This not only sold the concept internally, but was also used for client presentations, government approvals and later provided the basis for the campaign TVCs.
SES 2018: Research showed that some SA residents weren't sure on the role of the SES (there were stories of SES volunteers being asked to 'cut that fallen branch up smaller so I can use for firewood'.
This campaign aimed to show that the State Emergency Service, is in fact an Emergency Service and residents should consider their situation is an emergency before calling.
CFS 2015: Research showed that it can be overwhelming to prepare and plan for bushfire. This campaign aimed to provide bite sized ways for residents to do something (rather than nothing).
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