My mum really hates this picture of me. But, it may be her fault a little bit...
When growing up my mum was an artist and my dad an offset printer. So it was perhaps inevitable that I'd end up in the creative industry. 
I'm a Victorian country bumpkin from way back coming from a small town called Murtoa, then moved to Adelaide when I was 17 to complete my graphic design degree. 
After University my advertising creative career began. Working on a variety of clients, often with tight budgets and tighter deadlines, I tended not to mess around. I also didn't have a big ego and tended not to take myself too seriously (I saved that for the work). 
I've made World Champions cry, chopped a car in half in a fake storm – and eaten ice cream for breakfast for three months straight. All in the name of engagement. Which is the reason I still use the image that mum doesn't like. 
But if you like what you see while you're here, feel free to say g'day.
In the mean time, sorry mum.
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